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The Minutes

Bayport-Blue Point Chamber

Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014


Executive Session for Board officers started at 4:45 with Tom O, and Kathy H present


The following board members were in attendance at the start of the board meeting at 5:30: Kathy H, Tom O, Laura R, Seth N, Lenore R-P, Tom R, John W, Even T, Bryn E, Skip P, Chris C, Craig C


The meeting was started at 5:35 with a shift in the agenda....In Karl A absence Nikita D spoke to the Board about the Duathlon.  Sponsors were still needed and tons of volunteers as well.  Nikita mentioned again the possibility of bringing in other organizations with the idea of contributing/donating monies raised tho their organizations.  It would be helpful to have fire police presence for the event.

Before Nikita left the meeting Kathy moved the Suffolk County Marathon up on the agenda.  The route was talked about the Suffolk counties hope that all Chambers will embrace this great event and get involved. Kathy asked Nikita to bring to the committee the need for the county to expedite permits for businesses wishing to show case their business with the many spectators that day. There will be a Duathlon meeting next Tuesday, Oct 14 at 5:30 at Bayport Flower House for all volunteers.

Nikita left the meeting and the formal business meeting started


A motion was made by Craig C and seconded by John W to accept the following minutes....August General Membership

                  September Board Meeting

                 September General Membership

Correspondence read by Kathy H.....a invitation came for the Islip Food For Hope. After discussion regarding the fact that all Chamber donate to this a motion was made by Laura R and seconded by Lenore R-P to donate $250.00 from the Outreach Account.  The motion passed unanimously.


Treasurers report....Tom OConnell

       Accounts: General Account 8219.47

                        Outreach Account 4853.14

A motion was made by Bryn E and Seconded by Skip P to accept the treasures report as given and to cut the following checks:

                        State Farm....710.43

                        The Award Shop....48.88



Tom O also updated the board on the PayPal account and said we were ready to use it.  Tom R has been in touch with the website support and he is also prepared to implement Paypal.  There was some concerns and questions asked of the Paypal.  The CC machine will be cancelled as soon as we are fully running.  Even if people send back forms with CC info we can run it thru PayPal just like we would the CC machine



As per Bryn E there are 98 members in good standings.  There was discussion of presenting to the board a break down of paid members/non-paid organization members.  Kathy H had asked this be reported to the board/ general membership for budgeting purposes and for transparency to the members.  Also Bryn brought up for discussion along with Tom R the need for a cut off date for membership for the given year and for website listing and what not. Jan 1 st was discussed as the cut off date for membership for the year.


Committee reports


Installation Dinner.....Kathy H reported that Jamie was working on getting an invoice for the event.  There was no invoice in the files as per Tom O.  We still have a number of unpaid dinners that were discussed.


Kick-off to St Pattys....Kathy H thank Chris C for his generous donation of food and establishment.  84 shirts were sold that night.  We didn't have a number of pins sold.  Chris C asked for 2 shirts to be given for a presentation going to be made at the Grand Marshall Dinner


Expo.....Seth N updated and thanked everyone for their help and participation with the Expo. There was a total of 47 tables...27 paid and 20 comp bringing in 5265.00. The response was all good and Seth will be looking to follow up with those that had tables with a survey.  After all expenses the profit to the Chamber was 650.44. It was discussed this would go to the Marketing  Committee.  Chris C brought up the need to have food at the event and a discussion was had about having a meeting with all interested and Suffolk County Board of Health.  Tom W indicated the Lions were very happy with their table and response and did Tom R.  A few other examples were given of the vendors/ organizations happy with the event.


Membership Appreciate Dinner.....Lenore R-P update the board on this years event. It will be held Wednesday Nov 19. She is looking for some sort of entertainment...similar to Gene Hortons presentation last year.  J Hodge didn't feel he benefited from his membership of the Chamber so wouldn't be doing the music this year.


New Business.....


Suffolk County Marathon....Kathy H discussed at the beginning of the meeting while Nikita was still present


Blue Point Sewers......Kathy H brought up her discussion with Ed S, President of the BP Civic and she asked the Board if they wanted her to pursue getting additional information on the sewers and route being put in down division to park to the Patchogue facility.  The board agreed to allow Kathy to get additional information and inquires


BBP Library Bulletin....December....Kathy H presented to the Board the Library approaching the Chamber about displaying for the month of December on the bulletin board.  The board had no problems with this and Kathy and Tom R will move forward.  Any event chairs were asked to send pics of their events.  We might include some sort of riddle to get people to go to certain locations to get a holiday chamber gift.  Kathy H still has Chamber Bag Clips available


Committee Budgets.....


                                  Membership Appreciation Dinner..Lenore R-P..$936.00

                                      Christmas Tree Lighting....Tom O.....$0

                                      Menorah reported by Lenore R-P...$0 it was also discussed that Anthony P will be creating a new Menorah for the Chamber for his Eagle Scout

                                      Grand Marshall Dinner..Chris/ cost to Chamber

                                      St Patricks Day Parade...Chris/ cost to Chamber

                                      Easter Egg Hunt..Laura R....$675.00 which Laura said she never uses the full amount

                                  Family Fun budget as of yet

                                    Memorial budget as of yet


                    MARKETING....will report next month


                     PRINTING...Tom R...monthly postcards...$650.00


            report next month


New business was brought up.  Kathy H brought up the golf outing for the Patchogue Community Foundation honoring Tom Cavanaugh.  This is their fund raiser for their Holiday Kris Kringle. Lenore questioned it being Patchogue and Tom R said that it is Patchogue, Blue Point and Bayport.  A motion was made by Tom R and seconded by Lenore R-P to donate 100.00 for a tee sign.  Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:13 pm






Bayport –Blue Point Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting Agenda

Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce

August 27, 2014

Bayport Blue Point Library


Start time: 8:15 am


Pledge – Supervisor Tom Croci


Membership Round Robin began the meeting.


Secretary Report: Michelle read and passed around correspondence.

Blue Point FD will be hosting a Money Mania event on September 13th. The Town of Islip will be hosting a September 11th memorial ceremony at Town Hall at 5pm, all are welcome. Troop 329 will be celebrating the achievement of two young men becoming Eagle Scouts. Liam McBride and Andrew Hamrlicek.


Treasures Report: Tom O – General account $5,703.26 & Outreach Fund $4, 852.93


Membership: 78 members in good standing. Please look for your new membership renewal/application in the mail. You can also print the membership form off of our website.


Expo: Seth informed the members this years Expo would take place on October 1st at the Bayport Flower Houses from 4pm-8pm. Last expo we had over 2500 visitors.

Tables will have a chance to display, promote and talk about business with potential new customers. You can sign up on the chamber website. Any Questions please contact Seth from The Fish Store or Tom Reid. 631 472- 3018631 472- 3018 . Seth will be having one more informational meeting before the expo.


St. Patrick’s Day- Tom R. informed the members this years parade will be our 25th Anniversary. On September 17th, Cavanaugh’s in Blue Point will be hosting our ½ way celebration. Come down for $10.00 and get a T Shirt and buffet. You can also purchase the new 2015 Pins. The Grand Marshalls will be announced.


Boo Du – The South Shore Duathlon 2 mile run, 14-mile ride, 2 mile run. The event will take place on October 25th at 8:30 am at Corey Beach. Sponsorship Opportunities are available.


Website: See Tom R. for information on advertising on the Chamber Website. At $30.00 a month you will gain great exposure. Facebook is a fantastic outlet for letting your customers know any and all upcoming events or promotions your business may be having.





Guest Speaker – Tom Croci - Kathy thanked the Supervisor for coming out to speak to our members. Supervisor Croci discussed the devastation on our last rainfall to businesses members in the Town of Islip. Businesses can call the IDA if they have any questions in regards receiving assistance with flood damage. The Town gave the damage assessment to the County and now we are waiting to hear.

In 2011 the last time the Supervisor spoke to our members the FTZ was 50% full, and our Airport had 2 Airlines. Now in 2014 the Supervisor informed us the FTZ is 98% full. 4,800 jobs were saved from relocation and 1,600 jobs were created. Our Airport is now making strides. He discussed Long Island as a destination for people to visit; from our wineries to our beaches.

Our Recycling Waste Energy Facility is one of the first of its kind. Sewers were discussed and questions were answered. Mr. Croci complimented the Bayport Blue Point Chamber members for the strong unity that they have. Small Business is a driving force.


Adjournment 9 26 am








Bayport Blue Point Chamber Of Commerce

General Membership Meeting


March 26, 2014


Start time 12:10


Christopher Atkinson led pledge. Kathy thanked Blackbirds for hosting the event and Blue Point Brewery for raffle donation.

Round Robin of old and new members started the meeting.


Secretary: Michelle informed the members that minutes of previous meetings are posted on the website for viewing.

Correspondence: On April 29th Maureen Mennella will be honored by the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital at West Lake Inn. Bayport Blue Point Library Budget Vote will be held on April 8th from 1pm to 9pm. This year Splashes of Hope will be honoring the Auwaeter family of Bayport Flowerhouses on April 11th at Lands End of Sayville. Please contact Michelle at for further correspondence info. A donation was made from Celtic Cruisers for the Chamber St Patrick’s Day Parade. Michelle read the donation letter to the members.


Treasure: Currently $5,500 in general account and $5,000 in Outreach Account. A check for $1,000 was cut for the Brennan House.


Membership: Bryn informed the members we currently have 170 members in good standing. Fetch Doggie Daycare is our newest member.


St Patrick’s Day: Chris Cavanaugh informed the members the parade was a success. Chris will have a financial report for our next Board meeting. If anyone has a grand marshal jacket please return to Chris. Pin Sales are still available at Capital One Bank, The Fish Store and Bayport Flower House. A thank you Parade dinner for all who helped out will be held on April 2nd at he Fish Store. Please let Seth know if you are attending.


Family Fun Festival: Seth informed the members about the Carnival. This is the Chambers first Fund Raiser. It will be coordinated with Newton Shows. Please sign up to volunteer to help out over the three-day event. The Carnival will be held on April 11-13th we could use help with tickets, security and clean up. Please see Lenore if you are available. We will be having Fireworks on Friday night. Be on the look out for coupons in your local retail stores.


Easter Egg Hunt: Our annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place the Saturday before Easter. Please let us know if you can donate a Kid friendly basket for the winners of the Golden Eggs. Contact Laura from Little Angels of Blue Point if you have any questions.


Senior Resident Dinner: -This years dinner will be held Tuesday April 29th at 5 30pm in the High School Gymnasium. We are looking for event sponsors. Placemat opportunities are available.

Also mark your calendars for another great Senior Event on May 27th the Chamber will be hosting a Senior Community Expo/Seminar located at the High School Cafeteria. Please se Kathy , Michelle or Laura for Sponsorship Table Opportunities to this fantastic event.


Guest Speaker Jean Marie Cacciabaudo, MD –Chief Cardiologist at Southside Hospital - Dr. Cacciabaudo presented the members with a video on LIJ.

Her Cardiac Specialists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of Cardiovascular and thoracic disease. North Shore LIJ has been recognized by the State of New York and many independent National performance improvement organizations.

Dr Cacciabaudo is more than willing to come into your work place and educate your staff on how to recognize a Heart Attack and/or CPR training.


Meeting ended at 1:20


Next Meeting April 30th 8am at the Bayport Blue point Library.





General Membership Meeting

Chamber of Commerce

Bayport Blue Point High School

February 26, 2014


Start Time: 8:10 am


Kathy thanked the District for all that they do with the Chamber.

Acting Supervisor Eric Hofmeister led the Pledge of Allegiance


Round robin of Business Owners.


County Executive Steve Bellone introduced the political officials in attendance to the students. Mr. Bellone informed the students on many key points.

  • Suffolk County is the largest County in the State of New York

  • We are the Largest Agricultural Market in the State of New York

  • One of the biggest problems we face as a county is keeping our young people in Suffolk County.

In order for Suffolk to be successful it is critical for the students to be able to stay in Suffolk County if they chose to.

The County offers such quality Laboratories as well as Universities. His goal is to connect the labs and Universities to the Ronkonkoma Hub. The County is in need of Low cost housing. He would like a connection to the parks not just by car. Bellone told the students. “Young people are the key ingredient to a thriving economy” Everything he is doing is for their success. Issues of Water quality were also discussed. Questions from the students were about his educational background, Super Storm Sandy, His Roll in business as well concerns from over building in Suffolk County.


Secretary Report: Michelle read Correspondence, Lions Club Polar Plunge on April 6th at Corey Beach.


Treasury Report: Waived, no report given


Membership: Bryn informed the members we have 156 members in good standing. New Members Tricia Rossi LCSW, The Garage in Patchogue, Capital Bank, Prudential, Cunningham Duct Cleaning, Air World Inc. Funky Monkey Party Rentals and Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists.


Parade: Chris informed the members help is needed the day of the parade On March 15th there will be a Marshal Meeting. The Parade Lineup will be posted on the website today.


Senior Residents Dinner: April 29th at 5:30 Kathy informed members we are looking for sponsors. $300 is a Premium Sponsor, recognition at Dinner, 2 full boxes on placemat, availability to place handouts at dinner tables for guest at the May event seminar. Committee is working hard to make this the best one yet.

The Community Seminar will be an informational event with four to five ten minute speakers. Two events 1 ½ hours in length one in the morning one in the evening.


Family Fun Night. Seth thanked the School for all of the help with the Carnival. The event will be on the Soccer Field on April 11th 12th and 13th. More info to follow.


End Time 9:33









Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce

General Membership Meeting


Fish Store


Start Time: 12:10pm


Kathy thanked Seth for hosting our Chamber meeting and Ms Michelle’s for the raffle prize. Jason from Bill Lindsay Jr’s office informed the guests of the late Bill Lindsay receiving a honorary award at the Bayport Civic Meeting and thanked the Chamber for their presence in the community.

Round Robin of members began.


Secretary Report: Correspondence: The Bayport Blue Point High School will be performing Oliver Feb 6th, 7th and 8th. The Booster Club will be holding a “Booster Love Dance on February 1st at West Sayville Country Club.

Thanks to the American Red Cross, the CDC is now offering free mold cleaning in our local area for business’ that may have been affected by Super Storm Sandy


Treasurers Report: Currently $6,600 in the general Account and $6,000 in the Outreach Fund.


Membership: We are now at our Midway point with 150 members in good standing. Our six new members are J.K Hodge Classic Keys, Blue Point Car Wash, Junk Luggers, Sundays Tanning, The Center For Work Place Solutions and the Blue Point Civic Association.


St Patrick’s Day Parade: Chris passed around a notepad asking for Parade Marshalls. Bryn was asked how the banners were coming along. The 10% deadline is approaching; we currently have 33-35 ads as of today. Chris reminded members; they must have a parade application in to be apart of the parade. The new start time is 11:00 am. The Parade committee will be meeting February 8th at 8:30 am at Cavs all are welcome.


Grand Marshall Dinner: Kathy thanked Skip for all his hard work with the Dinner. Skip reported the Grand Marshall Dinner would be held at Island Hills in Sayville from 7-10pm. Volunteers and Raffle Prizes are needed.


Senior Resident Night at the Theatre/Dinner: Michelle informed the members that the Chamber is looking for Dessert donations or monetary donations for the Senior Theatre Night. All Business’ that donate will be mentioned before the play begins. Last year 200 people attended. This is a great way to expose your business to our Seniors. Laura spoke of The Senior Resident dinner. This event draws around 350 of our local Senior Citizens. We are looking for Business’ to sponsor tables. There will also be more information coming in regards to placemat advertising.

Family Fun Festival: Seth informed the members of a Carnival the Chamber will be organizing. It will be held at the High School April 11th, 12th and 13th on the Soccer Field. For more information visit Volunteers are needed. Seth will have more information at our next General Meeting.


Guest Speaker: North Shore-LIJ CareConnect Insurance Company, Inc. will begin enrolling individuals, families, and small and large businesses on Long Island, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan in a range of commercial insurance plans.  The new insurance plans can be accessed online through the health exchange, the New York State of Health, or through agents/brokers, or can be purchased directly from the company. North Shore-LIJ CareConnect allows individuals and employers to tap into the state’s largest integrated health care system.  North Shore-LIJ CareConnect insurance plans offer access to a wide range of programs and services across the metropolitan area.  Members will have direct access to:

  • Inpatient and emergency care at 16 hospitals in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan,

  • Post-acute care services, such as home care and rehabilitation; and

thousands of participating providers, including all North Shore-LIJ employed physicians and many affiliated community physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other caregivers throughout the New York area. The Guest Speaker went over each of the color plans. (Metallic Plans)


Through this one-stop approach, North Shore-LIJ CareConnect can do everything from assisting customers with claims and questions to offering medical appointments and appropriate wellness programs to assist the member in best managing his or her health conditions. If members have a medical question, they can call us for a quick solution –we will connect them immediately to a nurse or doctor for advice.


Adjourned 1:30pm


Next Meeting 8am Sharp at the Bayport Blue Point High School






September 25, 2013

Grey Horse


Meeting started at 12:08 pm. Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of Silence for William Lindsay. Round Robin Chamber Members started the introduction.


Officer Reports:

Secretary Report: Michelle read minutes from September Meeting. Minutes were accepted.


Treasures Report: Jamie reported the general account has $6,000. Karl donated $500 back to replace the brickwork at Chamber Park. There is $4,000 in the community outreach account. Vote to approve the report, Karl first, Seth second


Committee Reports:

Membership Report: Bryn reported we have 100 members in good standing.

Five Star Coverage is a new Member to the Chamber.


St Jude’s Car Show: Kathy informed the members that Skip will be providing a full report on our Oct. meeting. Over 1,000 patrons attended this wonderful event. All money collected went to the St. Jude’s Hospital Foundation.


New Business:

Small Business Saturday:

Lenore informed the members that the Marketing/Small Business Saturday Committees are going to tie small business Saturday and the Member Appreciation dinner together. The restaurants that will provide food for the dinner will also supply stacks of coupons to be placed in the businesses that are participating in Small Business Saturday. A table will be set up with each business’s coupons. Michelle passed around a packet informing members how to get involved with SBS by using the services AMEX offers for free. IF members have any questions please contact Lenore or Michelle.



On Saturday Nov 2. From 4-7 Troop 329 presents its Annual Spagetti Dinner at the Bayport Methodist Church.

October 20th, 9:30 am “Paws for a Cause” The Guide Dog Foundation will be at the Blue Point FD all walkers are welcome.


Guest Speaker Bob Draffin:

Bob Draffin the founder of the Bayport Civic Association spoke to the members about the SEED Foundation. Their mission is to provide excellent educational resources for students attending the Bayport-Blue Point School District. The Civic meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Bayport Methodist Church. The Civic Calendar was gone over month by month. Key topics mentioned were the Serota Project, the apartments on Mc Connell Ave, and a possibility of a new quick check facility on the corner of Snedecor Ave. Bob informed the members that the civic needs member support to defend against such projects that the towns may not want.


Adjournment: 1:30





General Meeting August 28, 2013

The Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce

Bayport Blue Point Library


Called to order at 8:14 am at the Bayport Blue Point Library by Kathy Heinline. Pledge of Allegiance led by Mike Firestone. Kathy thanked Mike and Ryan for the Coffee donation. Round Robin with Business’ introduction started our meeting.


Officer Reports:


Secretary Report: Michelle read minutes from the July 31st Meeting. Motion to accept minutes. Steve Klinzing first, Tom Reid Second. Adoption of minutes was accepted.

Treasures Report : Jamie Rosner reported we have $3,500 in our general account with checks still coming in. Chamber also has $3,800 in our Community Outreach Fund. Motion to accept first Lenore, Steve Klinzing second. Motion was accepted.


Committee Reports:


Membership: Kathy Heinline reported we were less that 60 days into the new Chamber year and off to a strong start with 86 Members in good standing. If anyone has not sent in his or her application and dues for the 2013-2014-membership year, please do so. Existing members should have received a Membership Application in the mail and you can also find one on our web site at The Cards going out in the mailing have changed; please let us know if you receive double mailings. Tom R. is working on putting minutes on our website for members.


St Jude’s Car Show – Skip made a presentation about the St. Jude’s Car Show taking place on September 22nd. Thanks to Kathy and the Bayport Blue Point School District the event will now take place at Blue Point Elementary. This is going to be a judged car show with food vendors, retail vendors, a chamber wheel of fortune and the entertainment of two live bands. Jamie Rosner has been working with the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce getting helpful insight on the Car Show. Chamber members were informed they qualify for a 10x10 space for $50.00

More vendors are needed as well as give -a ways and sponsors. If you are interested in Volunteering please let Skip know. Skip ended with informing us the main purpose of this event is to raise money for the children of St. Jude’s Hospital. Every little bit helps. Kathy thanked Skip for all his hard work on this event.


Chamber Correspondence :


On Friday September 6th from 3-7pm the Bayport Blue Point Library will be holding a Blood Drive. On Thursday October 10th at 8 am the Town of Islip Breakfast Committee will be holding there annual Thanksgiving breakfast at Villa Lombardi. Tickets are $50.00 and each ticket purchased feeds a Turkey dinner to a Family on Thanksgiving Day.


Guest Speaker : Kathy introduced Robin McKinnon and explained to the members how important drug prevention and awareness is among business’. Robin McKinnon a specialist at the Prevention Resource Center informed the chamber that her goal is to spread the message of awareness. Communities and Businesses should consider forming a coalition. Schools are just one stakeholder. We need the businesses to get involved as well. Community Coalitions protect businesses. She informed the members that prescription drug abuse is higher than ever. Availability and technology are also higher. Robin thanked Eastern Suffolk BOCES for educating our children and businesses about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use, She will do whatever she can to help spread the word. If you are interested in more information on how the Prevention Resource Center can help please visit there website at


Meeting was adjourned at 9:30a.m.


Next Meeting will be held at Grey Horse Tavern September 25th at noon.

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