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Important financial Information for our members:

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Resources to help you navigate through this Pandemic

Dear Chamber Members,

The Brookhaven Covid-19 Task Force has just restarted for this year. We met yesterday and had a very productive meeting. Please read the information listed below.

Information for Chamber Members:

Resources to help you navigate through this Pandemic -

Please use the website for any information you might need to assist your business.

The Coalition of Chambers agreed to have our members access this website for fluid, consistent and up to date information. Please note this website is constantly updated. (Our website for the Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce, is also updated daily, but there are a lot more links on the Stony Brook website to search out any type of assistance you might need).

Restaurant Grants –

There is 30 Million Dollars in Grant money that is about to be released for application for your restaurant. The application is not up yet, we will let you know when it goes live. This is exclusively for Restaurant owners. Website for this grant is It is being run by the SBA. When it opens up there will be a 21 day filing for grants.

Restaurant Seating Capacity –

As of today restaurants are able to open at 75% capacity. While that might sound too, it is not good enough. The CDC states that businesses can now seat 3ft apart instead of 6ft. Problem is we need that to come from our Governor. Your Brookhaven Town Task Force is already moving on this on your behalf. We are in the process of contacting the Governor to get the 6ft mandate changed to 3ft. What good is 75%, if you cannot seat the 75%? I will keep you all updated on this. This is a high priority goal for us, we expect quick action on this, as we received last Spring when we had to reach out to Gov Cuomo.

PP2 –

There is still 100,000 million available for Small Business. If you haven’t applied, remember you do not have to use the money, it can be returned to them should you not wish to proceed. I personally can tell you that my forgiveness forms were completed and sent in. Understandably we need to wait for the final approval, but my accountant showed me how we definitely qualified and had ample room with the forgiveness amounts, had we needed.


If you haven’t applied for the first round of EIDL, we encourage you to. You would receive $1000.00 per employee that does not get paid back. If you choose to take a long with them the interest is very low and payable back over 30-years.

Assistance with your local business –

As your President I am continually gleaning information for our members to help them survive this Pandemic. I am on 4 different task forces that offer us the most up to date information to present to you, our members. If you attended our General Meeting in February, Willa Smith from Stony Brook did a wonderful presentation. We learned of all the FREE services that Stony Brook Edu will offer to you should you need anything related to your business. Since the meeting, many of our members have called them (including myself) and are very satisfied with their responsiveness and support they have to offer. They will come to businesses to assist with technology, fill theP2 or SBA forms, offer assistance with Quick Books, bookkeeping, among a myriad of other types assistance. Please refer to the minutes from February 24th’s general membership meeting, Willa’s Power Point is attached.

Until our next update, please stay safe and be well. Please feel free to email me at if you need to reach me or have any questions regarding your business.

Respectfully Serving,

Carol A. Seitz


Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce


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