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Policy and Procedure for Sign Placement in
Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce Chamber Park

Purpose of Signage To promote fundraising events and quality of life in the community. Signs that promote an individual business are not allowed.

Sign Authorization All sign placement requests must be accompanied by the sign application. Signage authorization is granted by the chamber board or authorized chamber committee. All sign requests must be made by member organizations or sponsored by a member business. At no time shall there be a direct fee for sign placement at Chamber Park. The cost of sign creation is the responsibility of the organization requesting placement.

Sign Scheduling Scheduling of sign placement will be set by the board or committee. Every effort will be made to grant the most beneficial timing and duration for the event. When multiple events occur at the same time than BBP Chamber of Commerce member organizations will be given preference. Requests for sign placement must be made at least 2 weeks prior to date to ensure at least 5 days of placement.

Sign Content and Design Dimensions of the sign must equal 95 ¼ “ x  47 ¼ “. The content and design of signage will be assessed prior to placement. If the Chamber does not approve the message or design, suggestions will be made to assist in approval or request will be denied. Complete applications are essential to assure timely placement.

Placement Procedure Once the application has been approved and the sign created the organization must contact the chamber to schedule a drop off either at the chamber park shed or a committee member’s business. At this time it will be the responsibility of the chamber representative to place the sign in Chamber Park on the date agreed upon. Once the event has passed or the available time has passed the sign will be placed in the chamber shed for pick up. Signs may be held in the shed for up to a year. If a year has passed and the sign remains than it will be discarded. Signs for yearly events may be picked up from the shed, revamped for current information and then returned in advance of their placement, an application is required for every year.

Submit using the online application below or download the form here and mail completed application to BBP Chamber of Commerce, PO BOX 201, Bayport, NY 11705

Alternately applications can be faxed to 631-472-3136 or dropped off at Bayport Flower Houses or

The Fish Store.

If you have any question please email or call 631-681-3801

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