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A special thank you to Therm-A-Trol

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Carol Seitz isn't just the president of the Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce...she is one of our biggest supporters. As owner of Therm-A-Trol HVAC Carol recognized the need for funds to keep the Beautification division of the Bayport Blue Point Chamber of Commerce alive. Carol is all things Bayport Blue Point and is the definition of all things beautiful. Her kind and generous soul shows in everything she does. If you are lucky enough to call her friend, you no doubt will agree. Therm-A-Trol HVAC is the chambers first Gold Sponsor and we couldn't be more thankful. We hope that other local businesses will follow suit and help us help the communities of Bayport and Blue Point by sponsoring our mission to continue the good work on behalf of this incredible community. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities please visit


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