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Have you completed the 2020 census yet?

As Long Island continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together, it can feel as though we are looking ahead to a very uncertain future. What will the world look like when we re-open? Will the "new normal" really feel normal at all? With all of these question marks one thing that we can all do to secure a solid foundation for the road ahead is COMPLETE THE 2020 CENSUS to make sure our region has the fair funding and representation we deserve. The 2020 Census will set federal funding levels for 10 YEARS for things like hospitals, health insurance, education, infrastructure, nutritional security, disaster recovery - things that keep our communities healthy, safe, and resilient. We only have one chance every 10 years to get this right- and this is it. Complete the 2020 Census today to help protect Long Island's future, and if you are able, reach out to five friends, family members, or colleagues to remind them of just how important the Census is for our communities. Completing the 2020 Census is simple! You can respond for your home in one of three ways: online, by phone in 13 languages, or by mail. Together, we can achieve a Complete Count, which will give us the tools we need as we rebuild in the months and years ahead. Don't wait! Complete the 2020 Census today! Complete the 2020 Census!


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