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Blue Point Community Coalition merges with Blue Point Civic Association

Blue Point Community Coalition merges with

Blue Point Civic Association

The Blue Point Community Coalition is ecstatic to announce that the original Blue Point Civic Association (founded 1965) has agreed to merge with us. We are honored that the oldest operating civic organization in Blue Point considered our mission, accomplishments, and vision inline with theirs and wanted us to continue their work. This is exciting news as there will be only one legally defined registered nonprofit civic organization going forward.

We view this merger as furthering our goals of forming a true coalition of civics, community groups and town officials to execute the mission statement of preserving our community. Also, we now get to help celebrate 55 years of civic activity in the community!

Logistically, we will be assuming the Blue Point Civic Association name. We will also be highlighting the history, accomplishments, and successes of both organizations.

We want to thank Warren McDowell who served as the president for many years and guided the original Blue Point Civic. We can only hope and strive to continue the legacy of the organization and people who laid the ground work for us.

We understand that many in the community have, at one time or another, served in these organizations, and we invite you back to become involved and support the many great projects and activities.


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