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Support Long Island's Great South Bay in Style With Clam Power Gear

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

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The original Clam Power T-shirt was created in 1971 by Steve Kuhn, a local Sayville clammer.

Steve has been clamming for forty years right here on the Great South Bay. It was while Steve was attending North Carolina State University as a design major when the idea for a Clam Power shirt was first created.

Every summer Steve would return home and clam to put himself through college. As a way to pay respect to the bay and to capture the turbulent times in the early sixties and seventies Steve came up with the Clam Power T-shirt. The T-shirt became a success among local clammers and eventually for many people on Long Island. As clamming began to fade, so did the Clam Power T-shirt.

Now nearly three decades later Clam Power is making a comeback. Even today people still connect and remember the Clam Power T-shirt from the seventies. What better way to represent The Great South Bay, the environment, and local clam diggers. Remember, Clam Power was created by a bayman and not a businessman!


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